ASCN Youth Programming

MISSION: To encourage members to be self-governing, culturally rooted and community engaged.


PROGRAMMING: ASCN’s Youth programming consist of structurally engaging activities through out the year that focuses on Community Beautification Projects, Cultural & Historical Analysis discussions, Help an Elder Days and Physical & Mental Training.


BENEFITS: Those weekly activities encourages many strong positive personality and behavior traits but just to name a few are as follows:

  • Anti-Bullying through building Self-Confidence
  • Leadership through Practice
  • Discipline & Respect for Authority
  • Event Coordinator Experience
  • Project Management Experience



Why do we as adults wonder why children act the way they do when we as adults have not invested serious time into training them how to act.
How can we wonder why our children steal and kill us when we haven’t invested money into making sure they don’t have too. We should study the popular bible verse Matthew 25: 14-30 in how it speaks of the talents. For we as black people are given the greatest talents in our youth but when we don’t use those talents we find that they are taken from us and use to uplift other communities.



For details, call…

  • Jahi Faw | 443 979 2441
  • Leon Musa | 443 400 3732

2426 Pennsylvania Ave Baltimore Maryland 21217