Theatre Icarus

The slogan of THEATRE ICARUS [ee-kah-roos] is: “We ascend on foolish, loving arms.” These words go to the heart of the theory and practice of the group founded by the playright/director William Pleasant in 2003. In Pleasant’s eyes, the foolishness lies in the original, African-based mission of the theatre artform. The object of theatre, actually an ancient art of socialized worship, has always been to extricate the audience from the mundane and deposit it, though briefly, on a misfit landscape, another world. Thus the job of theatre is to make the REAL–the oppressive, the mind-numbingly cruel and the hopeless–ridiculous. Likewise for Pleasant, theatre must be motivated by love for the audience-co-conspirators, a sense of progressive social purpose that does not cease once the final curtain falls.

Skinshow 1991, Vienna
John Patterson as the RINGMASTER, in the SKINSHOW. Vienna, Austria 1991, by William Pleasant and Eva Brenner.


The theory and practice of Theatre Icarus originated in the stage explorations of the writer William Pleasant and the Austrian theatre expert Eva Brenner. Together on stage, Brenner and Pleasant explored how 20th century avant garde theatre practices and content could be applied to the needs of impoverished, culturally underdeveloped and politically oppressed populations in New York City, i.e., Black folks and Puerto Ricans. In 1985, they established the Castillo Theater with a motley  crew of amateur and professional theatre workers who were committed to independently bringing erstwhile revolutionary themes and performance forms to the ‘hood.

William Pleasant, IV
William Pleasant, IV

Despite many political nay sayers and slaves of vulgar American made-for-TV realism, Castillo Theater was a stunning success, so much so that in 1989 it was literally hijacked by a gang of  poverty pimps and converted into a politically denuded swine trough for local, state and federal grant monies.

Broadway Medley
BROADWAY MEDLEY 1492, 1992, Ohio Theatre, NYC…A brutal satirical musical about Christopher Columbus’ conquest of paradise.

Undaunted by the political demolition of Castillo Theater, Brenner and Pleasant went on to form a new group called PROJEKT THEATER. Like Castillo, Projekt Theater embraced a progressive social vision and a dedication to bringing people from the streets into the theatre experience as both audiences and producers of art. Projekt Theatre thrived on hatching new productions in New York City and then primarily selling the work to government-sponsored venues in Europe. But as the European political landscape tilted ever so much in a neo-liberal and xenophobic direction, official amusement with the plight and political aspirations of Blacks and Latinos from the US evaporated along with funding for the onstage “multi-cultural” experience.

In 1993, sensing the futiliy of chasing dwindling liberal dollars in Europe, Pleasant bid his cherished colleague Brenner a political and artistic farewell. Today, Eva Brenner continues to carry out the original Projekt Theater mission in Vienna, Austria.

Al Ramos
Al Ramos, leader of Tribeca Lab and Collective Unconsciousness.
GINNY, 1993, Tribeca Lab, NYC…The myth of Antigone set in modern Congo under the dictatorship of  Mobutu Sese Sekou, A.K.A. Creon in a Cadillac.

By 1993, Pleasant began to explore how classic theatre literature could be redeveloped and staged in a way that disalienated a culturally diverse, primarily working class and non-white audience. At that time, he hooked up with the the anarchist-led theatre troop known as Tribeca Lab/Collective Unconsciousness.

FLEET, 1994, Tribeca Lab, NYC…An erotic nightmare where Hoke does a lot more than drive Miss Daisy.


[The bodies of FLEET and FLANNERY O’Connor are brought into the cathedral or county courthouse or whites-only country club on a single hospital gurney
by two pallbearers. Filthy white sheets cover the two cadavers.

The ARCHBISHOP leads the procession. Once the gurney is hidden in a “secret garden” the two pallbearers leave the page and take seats beside the reader. They smoke and discuss trashy tabloid magazines,
as if OBLIVIOUS to the remainder of the poem…The ARCHBISOP (of Savannah?)
addresses the reader. As he speaks, FLEET and FLANNERY copulate
and slowly emerge from their blood-splattered shrouds. [This is a book you are reading.]

Lo! A nightingale of paradise singeth upon a twig of the tree of
paradise in a clear voice, proclaiming, the gladtidings of our nearness
to god.



Here lies the great southern author FLANNERY O’Connor and her
nigger lover, who took himself and her from this earth.

Double suicide!

As wicked as the lust between them.

FLANNERY, my sister.
The nigger FLEET, sullen bastard too good to be a nigger…

Under the leadership of the Filipino director Al Ramos, Collective Unconsciousness rattled the Lower East Side of Manhattan with a nightly menu of formally and politically outrageous musical and stage performances. From his alliance with Ramos, Pleasant constructed a team of 20 actors–amateur, professional and etnically diverse–to explore what he called the “Modern Poetic-Political Theatre”.

Frantz Fanon
WHISPERS NOW…2001, Collective Unconsciousness, NYC

With history–mythic and actual–as his building blocks, Pleasant wrote a series of theatre texts that explored the the social and psychological damage in the 3rd World induced by the collective experience of colonial domination and underdevelopment. Underdevelopment is a process and not a status, Pleasant has always insisted. And it did not end  by the mid 1970s when most Black nations were “freed” and given a flag and theme song.

The most successful of the seven Poetic-Political plays were GINNY [1994-95], a version of Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone set in a Central African nation that readily passed for Zaire (Congo) under the boot of the ruthless dictator Mobutu, and WHISPERS NOW: THE REVOLUTION [2001], a biography of the Black revolutionary psychiatrist Frantz Fanon as he lay dying in a Washington, DC hotel room under the interogation of the CIA….

REVEREND CAESAR, 2003, The Monkey House, Savannah…Coup d’ etat in a Black pentecostal church.


Rev. Caesar paces across the floor of his suburban palace. He is terrified. His wife California sits at the dinning room table clipping her toenails.

REV. CAESAR: I smell treason in the deacon box. The AMEN CORNER is festering with witches. I tell you, California!

CALIFORNIA: Chill papi. Chill!… (seductively) Lemme blow yo’ HORN OF JACOB. Lemme give you some song.

REV. CAESAR: That’s no good now. It’s too late now. Lawdamercy! I don’t wanna go back to the projects!…

G8 Summit protests 2004
“STATE OF EMERGENCY!”: G-8 Summit street theatre actions. Produced by William Pleasant and Kellie Gasink. Savannah.
William Pleasant
William Pleasant kicks off  the G-8 2004 protests.
Wall of freedom
The ” Wall of Freedom,” a 50 meter  x 3 meter graffiti exhibit.
Street theatre
Showdown @ the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
elderly protesters
The elders.
WEST BANK | WEST SAVANNAH, 2005, Savannah. A three-day multimedia show exploring African American and Palestinian life under military occupation. Featuring Rana Bishara and Jalal Pleasant. Curated by William Pleasant.
Hamburg Massacre
The Hamburg Massacre (July 4, 1876) gave rise to organized white terrorism in South Carolina.
Centennial Celebration: Billie Holiday@ Carnegie Hall 1956: Arch Social Club, Baltimore, 2015. Live performance and multimedia recreation of Billie Holiday’s historic Carnegie Hall appearance. Created by William Pleasant.
Denise Pearson
Denise Pearson as the 2015 Billie Holiday.
Pleasant's Porgy&Bess
George Gershwin gets got in the ‘hood! Created by William Pleasant

William Pleasant’s 2017 documentary tribute to Baltimore’s famed ROYAL THEATRE. (26 mins.)

COMING 2019-2020

Moliere’s 17th century comedy set in West Baltimore 2018.
Three emissaries of the French Revolution are sent to Jamaica to spark a rebellion of the slaves…
On December 9, 1864, 600 to 2000+ runaway slaves perished at the Ebenezer Creek in Effingham County, Georgia. The survivors were given 40 acres and a mule, it is alleged. These reparations were eventually taken back…A multimedia exploration by William Pleasant.