2018 Flyer for our Capital Campaign: Phase One kickoff event.

Providing services and support for school children, art/cultural enrichment and neighborhood development in under-served areas of Baltimore is indeed a very necessary social task. There is need. We ask that you chip in via monies or in-kind donations. ARCH SOCIAL COMMUNITY NETWORK, Inc. is a IRS 501(c)3 organization. That means that your cash or in-kind donations qualify for federal tax credits.

Improving the lives of our less-fortunate neighbors actually helps to strengthen and develop a civil society, especially at this time of government funding contraction. If you feel the historic roots of the Arch Social Community Network through its partnership with over 100 years of active presence in Baltimore at the Arch Social Club is an asset to YOUR VISION of a better city, then we urge you to generously donate to us and volunteer with us.